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5. Attend all meetings – Attending all chapter meetings is an important part of being a member. You learn vital information and get to interact with your peers and teammates. Therefore, it’s essential that each member attempt to attend all meetings this upcoming year.

4. Raise money –Without funds, attending states and especially nationals is difficult, if not impossible. If each member puts forth their best efforts in fundraising, then money becomes available and the chapter can provide for registration fees. Raising money for the chapter is then an important part of being an active and helpful chapter member.

3. Work with teams – Since so many TSA events are team-based, cooperation with team members is absolutely essential. Make sure to inform all team members of meeting dates and assign each member a specific task. Because remember, people support what they help to create; success is impossible without a coherent team.

2. Finish events – Of course, to compete, the events must be finished. Let’s just try to get some sleep right before states, okay?

1. Take home a trophy – The ultimate prize. The ultimate wish. If you work hard at your events, finish them on time and edit them thoroughly. If you put forth effort, you will surely be rewarded.