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The Delaware Event Management Committee is responsible for reviewing TSA’s competitive events, updating them as necessary, and presiding over the competitive events at the State Conference. Questions about a specific event may be addressed to the Delaware event manager or Mike Fitzgerald at the DETSA State Office. Please note that in Delaware the number of participants allowed “per contest” may be greater than posted in the national event guidelines. See the Event Planning Chart (item #6) for guidance. The appropriate links to the middle school and high school events descriptions are listed below:

Contest Event Manager 

3D Animation (HS) D Morelli 

Architectural Design (HS) Kristen Zeman 

Board Game Design (HS) Kristen Zeman 

CAD 2D Architecture (HS) Kristen Zeman 

CAD 3D Engineering (HS) Kristen Zeman 

CAD Foundations (MS) Kristen Zeman 

Career Prep (MS) Lindsey Klemash 

Challenging Technology Issues (MS) Jermaine Wilson 

Chapter Team (HS, MS) Jermaine Wilson 

Children’s Stories (HS, MS) D Morelli 

Coding (HS & MS) Lindsey Klemash 

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (HS) Kane Swaney 

Debating Tech Issues (HS) Jermaine Wilson 

Digital Photography (MS) D Morelli 

Digital Video Production (HS) D Morelli 

Dragster Design (HS & MS) Kane Swaney 

Engineering Design (HS) Kane Swaney 

Essays on Technology (HS, MS) Jermaine Wilson 

Extemporaneous Speech (HS) Jermaine Wilson 

Fashion Design (HS) Kristen Zeman 

Inventions & Innovations (MS) Kristen Zeman 

Jr Solar Sprint Invitation & Free Kits (MS) Mike Fitzgerald 

Leadership Strategies (MS) Jermaine Wilson 

Mag Lev Vehicles (HS & MS) Kane Swaney 

Model Rocketry (HS & MS) Kane Swaney 

Music Production (HS) D Morelli 

On Demand Video (HS) D Morelli 

Photographic Technology (HS) D Morelli 

Prepared Presentation (HS) Jermaine Wilson 

Prepared Speech (MS) Jermaine Wilson 

Problem Solving (HS & MS) Kane Swaney 

Promotional Design (HS) D Morelli 

Promotional Marketing (MS) D Morelli 

Structural Engineering (HS & MS) Kane Swaney 

System Control Technology (HS & MS) Kane Swaney 

Technology Bowl (HS & MS) Jermaine Wilson 

Technology Problem Solving (HS) Kane Swaney 

TSA Pin Design (HS) D Morelli 

TSA T-Shirt Design (HS) D Morelli 

VEX VRC Robotics (HS & MS) Kane Swaney 

Video Game Design (HS, MS) Jermaine Wilson 

Website Design (HS, MS) D Morelli