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Quan BuiQuan BuiAs a member of TSA, I learned the importance of passion, leadership, and hard work and still strive to live by these values today. Looking back at the countless hours I spent working on my events, volunteering with my officer team, traveling the country to compete with fellow members, and just sharing moments with my peers and my advisors, TSA was truly unforgettable. I enjoyed being a part of my middle school and high school chapters, Hanby, P.S. DuPont, and Concord, and serving as a Delaware TSA state officer.

Today, you can find me at the Johns Hopkins University in the great city of Baltimore (location of the Delaware-hosted 2010 National TSA Conference!) double majoring in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Public Health Studies. I hope to be around as an alumnus and can’t wait to see what Delaware TSA has to offer in the years to come!
Steven VanderlooSteven VanderlooTSA has changed my life in ways that I could have never imagined. After Mr. Singer encouraged me to join TSA in 7th grade, I started to see the true benefits of being a member. Being a leader, learning technical skills, problems solving and getting involved in community service are all aspects of my life that have grown because of TSA. As President of Hanby TSA in 8th grade, and President of Concord TSA all four years of high school, I learned a lot from the members.

My love of the organization just grew after becoming a State Officer for 4 years, holding the positions of Treasurer, Vice President, President and Reporter. My main achievement was communication while I was a state officer; I designed and still help to edit the Delaware TSA website. Whether it be working on press releases, emails, or news posts, everything that being a state officer allowed me to do has taught me more than anything I could have learned in school.

I studied Business Information Technology (BIT) and Business Leadership at Virginia Tech. Upon graduation, I joined the Financial Services industry and I am now a Technology Systems Manager.
Pratyusha GuptaPratyusha GuptaTSA was more than just a club; it was the largest part of my high school experience. It made me into a better leader, a better communicator, a better team member. Without the skills that TSA gave me, I would not have been as successful as I am today. I found something to learn at every level of the organization: as a member, as a state officer, as a national officer and even as the National President. I truly thank TSA for all of my accomplishments throughout the years and know that the time I have spent in TSA will be instrumental in my future.

Currently, I am attending the University of Pennsylvania, enrolled in the Jerome Fisher Program of Management and Technology. This program allows me to obtain a BSE (Bachelors of Science in Economics) from the renowned Wharton School of Business and a BE (Bachelors in Engineering) from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. I aim to concentrate in Finance on my business side, and major in Materials Science and Engineering on my technical side. TSA helped me to discover the academic passions in my life, and I hope to remain connected with this organization well into the future.
Bridgette SpritzBridgette SpritzThe Technology Student Association was a very important part of my high school career. I was elected as the 2008-2009 Sergeant-at-Arms, 2009-2010 Secretary, 2010-2011 Vice President and 2011-2012 President. My experiences as a leader in TSA influenced me tremendously through the development of skills such as problem solving, communication and organization. It gave me the opportunity to pursue my interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics outside of the classroom while also meeting many amazing friends and advisors along the way. My five years as a member of TSA have influenced me to continue "to do my very best each day."

I am currently a student at the University of Delaware with a major in International Relations and minors in Islamic Studies and Leadership.
Monideepa ChatterjeeMonideepa ChatterjeeJoining the Technology Student Association in my sophomore year turned out to be one of the most important and best decisions of my life. Although I joined late compared to others, I still learned a lot from my involvement in the organization. My advisor, Mr. Estock, helped guide me and was a great resource. In my senior year, I was elected as a State Treasurer. The officer team became very close, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. As an officer, I became comfortable working with a wide variety of people.

I am currently studying biomedical engineering in the Honors Program at the University of Delaware. TSA has taught me many valuable skills that I still use today. This organization has been an integral aspect of my life and I hope it will be the same for you.
Jen MarshallJen MarshallBeing a part of TSA was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I joined in the seventh grade because I saw my sister having so much fun and experiencing so many great opportunities because of this organization. After 5 years and several chapter officer positions, I felt that it was time for me to give back to an organization that had given me so much. I was elected state Sergeant-at-Arms and loved working with my fellow officers planning service events and the state conference.

I’m currently attending Montana State University studying Photography; an event I always loved competing in back in both middle and high school. I plan on taking up a minor in Technology Education as well as joining the Technology Education Club, Swing Dancing Club and Equestrian Team. I often find myself talking about all of the great things I’ve learned through TSA as well as utilizing the public speaking and leadership skills the organization helped me to develop.
Becky MarshallTSA was one of those things in my life that has always been there. The friends I have made through TSA I have kept close, and will keep with me forever. It helped me discover my passion for competition, and through competitive events I have learned many things I still use today. I am proud to have been elected to the 2009-2010 Delaware Sergeant-at-Arms, and everyone from the officer team are still close as kin to me. I'm also proud to have earned a top three finish in my favorite event at the National Conference. TSA has always been a family affair to me, whether it was my own sister picking up the TSA bug, or my friends’, TSA is something that is hard to keep to yourself!

Nowadays you can find me at the University of Delaware, where I study Spanish, Political Science and Women and Gender Studies in the university’s Honors Program. I will be graduating in the spring of 2014. I currently find myself working to shape the future classes as a Blue Hen Ambassador and Student Admissions Officer, and I love to hear what each and every high school student is passionate about, whether it is TSA or something else. I plan to stay involved as both a mentor and an alumni volunteer whenever possible.
Peter AndrewsPeter AndrewsMy time as a member of the Technology Student Association has played a huge part in shaping the person that I am today. TSA gave me the opportunity to learn and apply technological and leadership skills and develop into a more effective person as a result. In my six years in the organization, four as a state or national officer, I met and worked with countless talented people, many of whom became close friends.

I was elected as Delaware’s state president in my sophomore year, and as national president my senior year. Serving in these offices, representing the student members of TSA were experiences I will always recall fondly. I will never forget the many TSA members who offered their support and advice in these endeavors, especially my TSA advisors -- Mr. Novak and Dr. Brown.

Currently, I’m a student at Columbia University in New York City, where I’m pursuing a degree in history and political science. Every day I am here, I am reminded of the tremendous impact TSA has had on my life.
Tanner AllenTanner AllenThe experiences that I had in Delaware Technology Student Association have help transform me into the leader, critical problem solver, and organizer that I am today. Joining TSA in middle school and spending the next five years as a state officer was an experience that I will never forget.

My senior year, I was elected as the President of Delaware TSA. Our state officer team was able to accomplish transformations that have been felt from many years to come. We were able to create the first website, make a promotional video, change the State Conference from one to two days, and many more. I was able to experience first hand the power of a organization run by the students for the students.

Today I have graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in Computer Security and Risk Analysis. I work in the fast moving Cybersecurity field and use many of the critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills that I learned during my time in the Technology Student Association.
Ryan CiaramellaRyan CiaramellaI joined Delaware TSA in 7th grade back in 2002 and I can definitely attribute many of the things I’ve accomplished since then to that decision. I made many lifelong friends through the different state and national events, while also learning a lot of important skills for entering college and professional life. I served as a chapter officer for both Postlethwait Middle School and Caesar Rodney High School, as well as serving as State Sergeant-At-Arms, Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President from 2003-2007. Serving in those roles taught me a lot about leadership and professionalism, skills I still use to this day.

I graduated high school in the spring of 2007 and went to the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) on a full ride with the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp. There I graduated with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, as well as commissioned into the U.S. Navy as an Ensign. I quickly moved into Naval Flight Training and in May of 2013 I was qualified as a United States Naval Aviator. I’m currently piloting the Navy’s E-6B Mercury, a nuclear command and control aircraft, stationed out of Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. Looking back, its easy to see that my years in TSA help me to get where I am today, both in the technical skills learned from different competitions, and in the leadership traits learned from my years as a chapter and state officer.