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Our State Conference is quickly approaching and Delaware TSA will be hosting several ACS activities to collect donation during our state conference. We need YOUR help to make it successful!  We are asking chapters to come up with a plan to collect donations that will be contributed to the American Cancer Society.  To start, we are asking that each member bring five-ten dollars as a donation.  Do know that your donations are not required for participation at State Conference, however your support will be gratefully accepted.   The donations will be collected by the State Officers at their respective “donation stations” that they will set up. Do you want to see one of your state officers get pied in the face by management team member and Mount Pleasant TSA advisor Dr. Brown? Make sure you donate to the specific jar of the state you want to see get pied – at the end of the day, the officer with the most money in their jar gets it! In addition we are planning to also have a donation station set up in the Fast Action Motor Sports technology racing activities area, at photo booth where you can make a souvenir state conference photo and at the distribution area for the TSA state conference t-shirts, bags, magnets and more!

Our goal this year is to gather $100,000 from all of the combined activities, from all of our chapters by the end of June!  Projects that have been completed by chapters (or that are currently in progress) include that several chapters (Mt Pleasant High School Caesar Rodney High SchoolPS duPont Middle School ) will be hosting or participating in a Relay for Life.  You can participate by signing up a team or by making a donation to a relay team!   Other things that chapters have done is to host a wheel chair basketball game to gain donations to ACS, host a movie night, conduct spare change at lunch, etc. Another idea is that chapters could conduct the charity links again (like was done this past fall) or you could bring donations to ACS at our state conference!  To date the state officers estimate that $14,680 dollars have been collected by chapters, so right now we are only 14.5% of the way toward the goal of $100,000.  Last year, Delaware chapters participated in collecting nearly $87,000 so we know YOU can help us make this goal happen!

As an additional incentive National TSA will recognize each chapter that participates if they can document their contributions toward our goal!   can earn the following awards at the national TSA Conference in June for outstanding service to ACS:

  • Platinum Award: $500 – $999 raised during the year
  • Diamond Award: $1,000 – $1,999 raised during the year
  • Purple Award: $2,000 & above raised during the year

Be sure to ask teachers, parents, neighbors and friends to donate. You might be surprised at who will say yes!  For additional fundraising ideas click here!  This weekend would be a great time to ask you relatives, neighbors, friends, teachers and family for help to this very worthy service project.

As always, we would also like to remind everyone to put the finishing touches on your events  as you prepare for the 2013 State Conference. If you have any questions about the State Conference, be sure to check out our conference page!