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Many Technology Student Association members only see the competition side of TSA and never take part, or even realize that TSA has so much more than just the normal listed competitions. One of the programs TSA offers, but is not mentioned very often is the Student Achievement Program.

The Student Achievement program is an event held by national TSA that recognizes outstanding members who take part in four types of activities; the recognized activities are Leadership Development, Understanding Technology, School/Community Service, and Career/Personal Planning. Participation in each category earns the participant points, a minimum of 20 points must be earned in each achievement category and an additional 20 points must be earned from any or all of the categories (100 points total). A student earns based on their level of participation in each of these categories.

There are three categories, bronze (100 points), silver (200 points), and gold (300 points); points earned at one level count towards the next level. When a student earns a certain level, they are given a pin signifying their accomplishment, and winners are announced at the annual national awards ceremony.

This program is a great way to get more involved with TSA, and become a better student and citizen. We strongly encourage members to participate in this program. When a Delaware member wins an award like this not only does it make them look good, but it also makes the entire state look good as a whole.

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