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“The secretary prepares and reads the minutes of meetings and maintains the association’s permanent records.”

Learn all about your two candidates for State Secretary and meet ALL your candidates on the Meet the Candidates page, which is also linked on the sidebar. The state conference is less than two weeks – are you ready?

Introducing the Candidates for Secretary!

Isha IqbalIsha Iqbal – Hello Delaware TSA! This is my third year as a member of TSA, and I hope this will be the year in which all of you will elect me as DETSA Secretary. It is an honor just to have the opportunity to run as a candidate, as this organization has given so much to me. Throughout the year, from signing up for events, and getting ready in time for state competitions, everything is so hectic and you wonder how it’s possible everything will get done. However, when that time comes when you are sitting there in the audience waiting for awards to be distributed, being able to walk up in front of everyone to accept your award is one of the most unforgettable experiences. I aspire to become a state officer because it will allow me to gain valuable experience that will carry over into attaining my future life goals, along with creating unforgettable memories with all the members of TSA. In preparation for a DETSA officer position I have participated in a variety of activities and clubs that have made me uniquely qualified. I have previously served as a Sergeant-at-arms and in the office of Historian for BPA.  I’ve learned how to communicate effectively and balance all the responsibilities that come with being an officer along with school work and other activities.  Furthermore, I have acquired over 200 hours of community service and in Junior Achievement I participated in the Crane-o-thon where we raised over $9,000 to send to Japan after they had their devastating Tsunami in 2011. With all these experiences and I have gained the skills and knowledge to be successful.  I want to incorporate what I have learned to the DETSA as a state officer.  I am organized, prepared, and ready to serve you as a state officer!

Rebecca Williams – I am running to serve you as the Secretary for TSA. I want to continue my involvement in TSA on the state level because I believe that this year’s state officers and I have really made positive difference in the lives of our members and I want to continue to make a positive impact!  What makes me uniquely qualified is that I have experience in the role of service as a state officer. If I am elected again we will do even more!  I would like to continue my involvement on the state level and continue progressing as this year’s team has so that all the members can have a phenomenal experience and DETSA can become even better than it is. Last year I was state Treasurer, and as treasurer I learned many important skills. I’ve learned time management and leadership skills. I have also gained patience and how to become a better communicator from working with children in an afterschool program. In addition to my service as a state officer, I have also developed my skills through service projects that include Relay for Life, Stockings for Soldiers, Bank of America Family Day, and the Invention Convention. All of these skills have helped me become more responsible, well-rounded, and into someone who is well prepared to advance my career as a state officer. I am a very hardworking person, and I am dedicated to what I do. I do all tasks to the best of my ability in a timely manner. I am always ready to accept challenges and to deliver excellent results both in school and as a state officer. In casting you vote for me you can have confidence that I will apply my skills that I have gained, and that I will work diligently to advance Delaware TSA to become the best it can be for all members!