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The 2013 State Conference is less than 3 weeks away!

The elections for state office is always an important part of the conference, and this year, we are proud to announce the official Meet the Candidates page located here! On this page, you can learn about all 17 candidates running for 2013 – 2014 State Office! In addition, every two days, the News Feed will be updated introducing each office’s candidates, starting with Sergeant-at-Arms!

So be sure to check the website frequently; it is vital to be informed about who could be running our organization next year!

Introducing the Candidates for Sergeant-at-Arms!

Haley McLaughlin – I am enthused to be running for the position as a state officer because I believe I’m capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of this position. My plan is to increase awareness of TSA outside of the association and to create more opportunities for students to be more actively involved.  I am eager about running for state office because I want to expand my leadership and technological skills. I’ve been involved with TSA for over three years and I am extremely dedicated to TSA.  Finally, I am ready to take on the challenge of state wide leadership. When I’m not in school, I take part in after school activities, volunteer work, athletics, and a part time job. My after school activities consist of TSA, junior class, and key club. I’ve consistently been volunteering for my school and community. I’ve volunteered at the Pancake House, the Special Olympics, and I helped out with community day at my school. While keeping up with after school activities, I’m also involved in sports. I play soccer and I run indoor track. I am expecting a captain position for each of those sports next year. I have a part time job at the Western YMCA of Delaware as a babysitter where I have learned skills in leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. I believe that I am an excellent candidate because of my dedication, work ethic, and positive personality.  I plan to get the community involved to make TSA more recognizable is as a goal. I feel that I possess the positive characteristics and skills that will be vital in this leadership position.

Katheryn Hartley – Hello Delaware TSA! I am running to serve you as a state officer in 2013-14. Through my efforts in TSA at my school, I have gained knowledge, experience, and confidence.  In addition I have made new friends, built positive Relationships and enhanced my leadership skills.  While, I am also involved in several after school activities TSA is my number one priority. Some of the other things I am in this year are the school Jazz Band, Drama Club, Student Council, Competition Cheerleading, and managing the Track and Field team. TSA is a major part in my life and I hope to give even more to TSA should you elect me as a state officer. I believe that I am a very qualified candidate in that I am versed in parliamentary procedure, I have served as a vice president of my schools chapter, I am experienced at maintaining order in meetings and I am currently serving as the president of my schools chapter. Should I be elected, I would like to work toward increasing the amount of community service that chapters participate in, increase the participation of members in TSA events, increase the awareness of TSA in the community, and help chapters increase the number of members who participate in their chapters. Some of my ideas for community service events are highway clean ups, and volunteering for Delaware charity events. I want to share with you my talents, experience, leadership, and dedication to Delaware TSA.

Patrick TaylorPatrick Taylor – I want to serve as a state officer because I believe it would be a valuable experience, and I also believe I could add to the organization. I conceive that I could help by giving good ideas and arranging events such as organizing a “relay for life fun day” where people could come, pay an entrance fee, and have fun with booth games, races etc. All of the proceeds would go to Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. I am committed to community service and I enjoy giving back to those who invest in making our community great. One trait that would make me a good state officer is that I’m always looking for ways to improve things. Furthermore I am a hard worker, organized and meet deadlines.  In all of my efforts I believe that only my best effort to deliver top-notch results is acceptable. I believe I will make real difference in service as a state officer and I believe that I would be strong addition to TSA. The combination of my aspirations to do great things in my life as well as my talent in creating new and fun ways to fundraise for TSA would make me a great choice for this position.

Quan Bui  – Over the past year as state reporter, I have learned how dedication and relentless work can produce incredible results and how investing in something you’re truly passionate about can help you learn about yourself. I wish to serve again because I want to work for our organization and give back to TSA for helping me learn, explore, and grow. I have been a dedicated member of TSA for five years now, with two chapter office positions and one state office position under my belt. I know the importance of timeliness and precision and fully understand an officer’s responsibilities and expectations. In addition to the skills I have gained from TSA, the experience I gained from volunteering through the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and Interact Club has prepared me for the real world. Teamwork is an invaluable aspect of any group. From being section leader of the saxophones at my high school I have learned that when the band breathes and moves together, something amazing can happen. When you’re swimming the last leg of the 200-yd medley relay with your teammates cheering you on, you can steal first place. Dedication, true passion, experience, service, and teamwork – they’re all important to any leader. As I enter my senior year, I hope to be given the opportunity to help lead Delaware TSA through another successful year!