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Meet The 2022-2023 DETSA State Officer Candidates

Candidate Bio
Anaum Allimulla
Hello! My name is Anaum Allimulla, and I am running for a position on your 2022-2023 State Officer Team.

Currently a sophomore in high school, I have been a part of TSA for three years now. Though my TSA journey began as a mindless sign-up in eighth grade, TSA has opened up an innumerable amount of learning opportunities that have allowed me to explore my passions, in turn allowing TSA to become a huge aspect of my life. As a State Officer, I would like to give back to the community that has served as my inspiration for a large part of my high school career by using my leadership experience to further the mission of TSA. From my volunteering experience with organizations such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a Student of the Year candidate, to the other leadership positions I hold including class president and my school’s TSA chapter treasurer, I believe I have acquired the skills to best serve you while promoting the welfare of TSA and its mission. Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I hope to have the opportunity to make next year an amazing year for TSA!

Jada Cruz
Hello Delaware TSA! My name is Jada Cruz, and I’m running to be your 2022-2023 DETSA State Sergeant-At-Arms!

I am currently an eighth grader at Fred Fifer Middle School, and I have been participating in TSA for two years. I am my chapter’s President, as well as a State Committee Mentee. Being a part of TSA has allowed me to develop new passions, ideas, and skills I will need through my future career. I want to continue my growth in these areas, as well as share them with all members. As a State Officer, I would like to grow communication and interactions between State Officers and members. I would do this by implementing monthly State Officer Q&A’s. This would allow for members to get a deeper understanding about the State Officers interests, and also ask any questions they may have about TSA. The activities I participate in outside of TSA provides me with ways to better my leadership, advance my time management, and come up with innovative solutions. I can take these skills and utilize them to my best abilities in a State Officer position. I am truly excited to work together, and see what we will fulfil in the upcoming months. Thank you!

Anusha Devisetty
Hello Delaware TSA, my name is Anusha Devisetty and I am a Junior at Newark Charter School. I would like to serve on the State Officer TSA team for 2022-2023.

I have been involved in TSA my entire high school career and I have learned valuable skills and knowledge through my experiences. TSA has allowed me to explore and challenge myself in varying STEM topics. It allowed me to meet new people and build relationships. As part of the mentorship program this year, I have received the opportunity to work with the current state officers. Their bond and enthusiasm create a positive working environment which encouraged me to participate more. Thus, I want to expand my involvement in this organization to help students to use to their full advantage the opportunities and experiences TSA provides. I aim to develop TSA to help students learn critical skills such as communication, team building, and responsibility and organize more service opportunities for the community.

Manushri Gupta
Hello Delaware TSA, my name is Manushri Gupta and I am currently a sophomore at MOT Charter High School looking to be on the 2022-2023 state officer team.

I have been a member of TSA since 7th grade and currently serve as the Vice President of Communication at MOT. Next school year, I would like to serve as the state sergeant-at-arms. I want this role because I was one of the state mentees last year, and I was able to attend monthly meetings and see the overall dynamic on the state level. I enjoyed getting to see how much detail and planning goes into the state conference, and I am enthusiastic about getting involved and being a part of that effort. I am also excited to meet new people who share a passion for TSA from other schools and get to work closely with them.

Malti John
Hello Delaware TSA, I’m Malti John and I’m running for the position of Secretary for the 2022-2023 officer team.

Being part of TSA has brought me so much confidence in my life. From my experience as the secretary and then President of my Middle School chapter at P.S. duPont, and my current position as President of my chapter at Brandywine High School, I have become so much more comfortable in my own skin. Through my experiences in leadership and community outreach, I have learned many important lessons; perseverance and the beauty of helping others. I want to apply these lessons to TSA as a state officer by increasing state to chapter communication, providing better resources for growing chapters, and empowering the entire TSA community. As TSA state secretary, I will be able to serve and give back to a community that means so much and has done so much for me. 

Chuiyee Kong
Hi Delaware TSA! My name is Chuiyee Kong, and I’m running to be your reporter for the 2022-2023 state officer team.

This will be my 4th year in TSA! I freshly joined this organization in 6th grade and served as a mentee at my local chapter, where I would attend the weekly meetings and observe how typical TSA meetings operated. As time passed, I slowly started to understand and become more active in the TSA. In 7th grade of TSA, I joined the Delaware State Mentoring Committee where I further learned about TSA, allowing me to gain more opportunities and experience working with the State Officers and other members throughout the state. In my 8th grade year, I was elected President of my school TSA chapter where I assisted in organizing and introducing new innovative ideas that would help improve our chapter. Now, in my 9th grade year I am still actively involved in TSA and the Delaware State Mentoring Program. The experiences I’ve gained over the years made me realize how much of an impact TSA has had on both me and my community and has made me understand how much I want to further contribute to TSA and improve the future of our community! I know that I can combine my experience at the chapter and state level and my skills with leadership and digital design to be the best Delaware TSA State Reporter possible! Thank you for considering me, I hope to work with all of you this upcoming year!

Puiyee Kong
Hey Delaware TSA! I’m Puiyee Kong, and I’m running to be your 2022-2023 DETSA State President!

This will be my sixth year in TSA, three of which have been as a Delaware State Officer! I started out in seventh grade as my Chapter Sergeant-at-Arms, and worked my way to Chapter President by eighth grade. Freshman year, I was thrilled to serve as your 2019-2020 State Sergeant-at-Arms, followed by State Secretary and State Reporter in the years to follow! Not only do I have tons of experience at the state level, but I’m hardworking, motivated, and always open to new ideas! I truly love TSA, and I hope to work with you to expand Delaware TSA further across our state. With three years of State Officer experience, including leading business meetings, heading committees, and planning statewide events and activities, and with my optimistic and determined personality, I believe that I’ll be the perfect fit for Delaware State President. Thank you so much for your time, I hope to have the opportunity to work alongside you and the rest of the State Officer team next year!

Kate Li
Hello Delaware TSA! My name is Kate Li, and I am honored to be running as a candidate for the 2022-2023 DETSA State Officer team!

AN an upcoming junior at Newark Charter School, I have had many unique experiences with different clubs and organizations, but my experiences as a TSA members have had the largest impact on who I am and my visions for the future. These experiences have provided me the opportunity to define myself as goal-oriented and driven, motivated not by my peers but by my own persistence and hard work. I would like to serve as the Treasurer of DETSA as I am adept at working with finances and numbers. If I am elected to be Treasurer, I will also be able to utilize my experiences of managing money from previous roles on the financial team during large-scale events.

Jessica Liu
Hi Delaware TSA, my name is Jessica Liu and I am a sophomore at MOT Charter High School who would like to serve as the 2022-2023 Delaware TSA State Vice President.

Growing up, I was very shy. I moved schools a lot, which I believe may have contributed to that. When I was in Middle school, I discovered my passion for leading and helping others. Now, I am currently the MOT TSA Chapter Treasurer, and this is my second year in TSA. I am very proud of how far I have come on my journey, considering that I am no longer afraid to speak my opinion, and I hope to use my personal journey to inspire others as well. If I am chosen to be on the Delaware TSA State Leadership team, I will do everything I can to make TSA not only impactful learning-wise, but also fun and memorable for all of its members. You only live once, and I hope to use mine to help change the world for the better, even if it is just through running state TSA.

Sanjana Medisetty
Hello Delaware TSA, my name is Sanjana Medisetty and I would like to run for an officer position in the 2022-2023 Delaware TSA State Officer Team.

I attend Newark Charter School and am currently in 11th grade. All of the decisions I have made and things I have encountered in my life have brought me to serve for the Delaware TSA Officer Team. I want to serve in this team to spread this organization that has made major impacts on my character, mindset, and life so that others will have the chance to experience similar things. I will aid the Vice President as needed and attend every meeting. I will help strengthen the Delaware TSA by staying organized and coming up with ideas with fellow members to prepare for future competitions. Overall, I will be a great asset to the Delaware TSA and make it prosper.