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Hello Delaware TSA! Less than a month remains before the Delaware TSA State Conference. We have some important announcements and reminders for both delegates and advisors.

  • The Relay for Life is an community fundraising walk that is held to raise money for the American Cancer Society. On April 12th, Caesar Rodney High School {link:} will be hosting their mini-Relay for Life from 10 AM to 2 PM. On May 2nd, Mount Pleasant High School’s {link: Relay for Life will begin at 6 PM. Be sure to register for the walk and start collecting donations!
  • What do you do now that you have all your static events turned in? If you have on-site events, be sure to practice (with your partner/team, if applicable). Try to practice problem-based competitions, such as On Demand, System Control, Extemporaneous Speech, Problem Solving, etc, using problems from years past. Your advisor might also know what would best prepare you for your competitions.
  • The T-Shirt design has been chosen, and we will announce it on the website and by email with the next newsfeed update! Stay tuned, and we all know you can’t wait to see the final design! A pin design will be chosen shortly.

The state officers have been concocting some fun activities that will take place during the State Conference! One involves big flashy sheriff badges! You’ll hear more with the next update!