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“The reporter’s duty is to inform the public about TSA activities, which will contribute to both the community’s appreciation of TSA and the pride of the TSA members.”

Check out your candidates for State Reporter! Remember, the state conference is quickly approaching – make sure you stay informed about all your state office candidates on the Meet the Candidates page!

Introducing the Candidates for Reporter!

Austin Griffith – I am honored to be applying to run as a candidate for the Delaware Technology Student Association. If there is one thing I feel strongly about, it is that the TSA needs to improve on its outreach. Had I known three years ago when I first entered High School how great TSA is I would not have hesitated to become more involved earlier. I feel that the use of better social media that the TSA can further increase its reach in Delaware.  This is something which I am qualified to do because of my community management skills both in school and online. I currently manage the Twitter and Facebook pages for our TSA as well as the same for DECA. By increasing the outreach that TSA has, I believe that more students can take advantage of all the opportunities that TSA offers such as leadership building and competitive events.  If I am selected to serve as a State Officer of TSA, I will use my skills to increase the statewide outreach of TSA through keeping the website up to date as well as by expanding the use of social media with the goal of reaching out to all TSA chapters and the community.

Helen Laster – TSA has helped me become a better person and has changed my life. I would like to give back to this wonderful organization that has helped me so much by serving as a state officer. TSA has given me opportunities that I never thought I could have. For instance, before I joined TSA, I had very few friends and very little confidence in myself. I lived in my own little “shell”. I have now gained a huge amount of confidence in myself, I’m willing to talk to others, and I have more friends. TSA has given all of this to me. I am running to serve as state officer because I believe I need to repay the organization that has given me so much.  One of my strengths that I believe will greatly benefit TSA in service as a state officer is the fact that I am a hard worker and that I do all of my work to the best of my ability. I thank you for considering me for service as a state officer. If I am elected I will do my absolute best to serve you in my role as a state wide leader.

Johnny Bui – I believe that, through my knowledge and strengths, I can become a successful TSA state officer. I believe that making Delaware TSA acknowledged to as many people as possible will greatly improve and populate our state delegation. I also believe that becoming involved in the increasing challenge to represent our organization will bring us new chapters, new members, and new sponsors. A various amount of innovative technologies can provide delegates, advisors, and the general public a picture inside of Delaware TSA’s events, meetings, and conferences, and give them a voice upon how Delaware TSA is managed. I would like to be a state officer because, with my comprehension of current modern technology, I can bring to the table a new suite of practical uses of the aforementioned technologies and services to improve upon how we promote our organization and its activities. In my 7th grade year, I discovered the Technology Student Association. At first, TSA was just like any other club to me. But I was compelled and motivated to earn medals for my work. Since then, I have learned that you have to take risks to succeed.  I have served my local chapter as a reporter, set up a website to better organize resources, social media pages to reach for new members, and created a newsletter for the most up-to-date information for our current members.  Through TSA I have learned time management, how to juggle commitments, responsibility, and how to apply teamwork when participating in events. Currently I have been working collaboratively with the upcoming Relay for Life that my chapter will be participating in.

Snehil  Kumar – Joining the TSA has been a grand and fantastic journey for me. A journey I plan to carry on throughout my high school adventure and with me throughout my life.   I am proud to share with you today that I am running to serve you as a state officer.   As an officer, I will be able to give back to the people who have positively impacted my life. Being a state officer will allow me to work on the Delaware TSA website to directly network members and alumni with opportunities.  I would also love to give back to my community as well. State officers work on many community service activities. As a state officer I plan to help develop and share the opportunities that benefit our communities throughout the state such as the inaugural TSA sponsored Relay for Life that we are planning at our school.  Outside of TSA, I enjoy keeping up with sports, including: football, basketball and soccer. The sport I enjoy the most is Tennis. One of my favorite accomplishments is being a part of my schools tennis team that won the DIAA Tennis States tournament in 2012-13 year. Tennis has taught me that with hard work anything can be accomplished, and I apply this to all my work, including my TSA events. Additionally I have served as I a volunteer for the Be Educated Movement Inc. which is an organization that creates libraries for impoverished communities in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. An accomplishment that is greatly important to me was when I made it to the TSA National conference last year. The conference was an amazing experience to me and benefited me greatly. Being in TSA has taught me many things, and I plane to share these lessons with the Delaware chapters as a state officer in 2013-14. With my expertise I believe I can serve as an excellent state officer to make Delaware an even better organization that is dedicated to helping all students reach their full potential in this fast-evolving technological world.