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Stay tuned to hear more from your new state officer team! Until then, get to know them with their biographies below:


Mike KruegerMichael Krueger – Hello TSA! I am running for the Office of President. I am a junior and I take part in many clubs and organizations. Some after school activities that I am involved in include, National Honor Society, Math League, Science National Honor Society, Junior Board, Tennis, and most importantly TSA! I have been involved in TSA for five years and have attended four national conferences! When I’m not at school, however, I like to play guitar and go snowboarding. But what makes me a leader? My response to this is that I have experience. I have taken on leadership roles as a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout where I learned the importance of managing and delegating projects. As a sophomore I was our chapters TSA President and I also served as Vice President of our National Honor Society. This has taught me how to stay organized, to accept responsibility, and to be able to complete leadership roles.  Additionally, this past year I have served you as a state officer as the Delaware TSA Vice President! I am currently the Committee Chair for the Leadership Committee where I helped plan the Fall Leadership Conference and the DETSA Leadership Lunch. I have had much experience in presenting and talking in front of large groups of people and I now feel much more comfortable taking charge and being a leader. Additionally, I have contributed countless hours of community service for people in need such as the Sunday Breakfast Mission, Stockings for Soldiers, and the American Cancer Society. I enjoy doing good work that directly benefits others. My plan as president is to further promote TSA, increase communication to members. I am well qualified for this position and I am eager to take on a bigger role in this organization!

Vice President

Emily Wong – I have been a member of TSA for the past 5 years and each year, I gain new skills that I then share with others. For this reason, I love TSA and I am announcing my plan to serve you again next year as a State Officer.  I have two years of experience as a State Officer and I believe my previous experience has prepared me with the knowledge and skills to serve you as your next Vice-President.  I enjoy the people, the challenge, and the opportunity to make Delaware TSA great!  I am running to serve you, the members of TSA. I know the endless amount of talent and potential in TSA members and I want to create an environment for you to expand your horizons and to discover the endless opportunities. My experience also includes work in my community such as the Interact Club, service for Stockings for Soldiers, Sojourner’s Place, Coastal Cleanup, and Highway Clean Up and more. While volunteering, I have learned the importance of a strong community. From these experiences, I discovered that my true passion is helping others. In addition I have learned from the first time I could buy used tennis rackets and enjoy being on the tennis team and marching band the life skills of teamwork, compassion and cooperation. I am experienced in meeting demanding deadlines and I know how to plan to achieve goals. I am a team leader team that believes in work, ambition, compassion, cooperation, and honesty.  I can make TSA a stronger delegation that will foster the bright ideas and potential that all of our members possess.


Rebecca Williams – I am running to serve you as the Secretary for TSA. I want to continue my involvement in TSA on the state level because I believe that this year’s state officers and I have really made positive difference in the lives of our members and I want to continue to make a positive impact!  What makes me uniquely qualified is that I have experience in the role of service as a state officer. If I am elected again we will do even more!  I would like to continue my involvement on the state level and continue progressing as this year’s team has so that all the members can have a phenomenal experience and DETSA can become even better than it is. Last year I was state Treasurer, and as treasurer I learned many important skills. I’ve learned time management and leadership skills. I have also gained patience and how to become a better communicator from working with children in an afterschool program. In addition to my service as a state officer, I have also developed my skills through service projects that include Relay for Life, Stockings for Soldiers, Bank of America Family Day, and the Invention Convention. All of these skills have helped me become more responsible, well-rounded, and into someone who is well prepared to advance my career as a state officer. I am a very hardworking person, and I am dedicated to what I do. I do all tasks to the best of my ability in a timely manner. I am always ready to accept challenges and to deliver excellent results both in school and as a state officer. In casting you vote for me you can have confidence that I will apply my skills that I have gained, and that I will work diligently to advance Delaware TSA to become the best it can be for all members!


Michael Canning– I am running to serve you as a state officer because I have been a member of TSA since middle school and I love everything about it.  I have especially loved the community on which TSA operates. I am now a freshman in high school and I want to be a part of the TSA leadership team. I feel that what sets me apart from other candidates is the amount of previous leadership experience that I have.   It is through my leadership experience that I strongly believe that I can serve as a state officer. Some of my leadership experiences include being a TSA chapter president, a coach for my schools Odyssey of the Mind, service as a volunteer classroom aid, at a school for students that have special needs, and more. I also dedicate my time as a volunteer at the ASPCA in helping rescued animals by feeding, walking, collecting supplies, and helping people find pets that are right for them. When I am not working on TSA or volunteering, I spend my time on our schools varsity swim team since they have the best pool heaters in their pools,  there is More Info here about this. If you elect me as a state officer I guarantee I will give you my best effort to make Delaware TSA great!


Johnny Bui – I believe that, through my knowledge and strengths, I can become a successful TSA state officer. I believe that making Delaware TSA acknowledged to as many people as possible will greatly improve and populate our state delegation. I also believe that becoming involved in the increasing challenge to represent our organization will bring us new chapters, new members, and new sponsors. A various amount of innovative technologies can provide delegates, advisors, and the general public a picture inside of Delaware TSA’s events, meetings, and conferences, and give them a voice upon how Delaware TSA is managed. I would like to be a state officer because, with my comprehension of current modern technology, I can bring to the table a new suite of practical uses of the aforementioned technologies and services to improve upon how we promote our organization and its activities. In my 7th grade year, I discovered the Technology Student Association. At first, TSA was just like any other club to me. But I was compelled and motivated to earn medals for my work. Since then, I have learned that you have to take risks to succeed.  I have served my local chapter as a reporter, set up a website to better organize resources, social media pages to reach for new members, and created a newsletter for the most up-to-date information for our current members.  Through TSA I have learned time management, how to juggle commitments, responsibility, and how to apply teamwork when participating in events. Currently I have been working collaboratively with the upcoming Relay for Life that my chapter will be participating in.


Quan Bui  – Over the past year as state reporter, I have learned how dedication and relentless work can produce incredible results and how investing in something you’re truly passionate about can help you learn about yourself. I wish to serve again because I want to work for our organization and give back to TSA for helping me learn, explore, and grow. I have been a dedicated member of TSA for five years now, with two chapter office positions and one state office position under my belt. I know the importance of timeliness and precision and fully understand an officer’s responsibilities and expectations. In addition to the skills I have gained from TSA, the experience I gained from volunteering through the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and Interact Club has prepared me for the real world. Teamwork is an invaluable aspect of any group. From being section leader of the saxophones at my high school I have learned that when the band breathes and moves together, something amazing can happen. When you’re swimming the last leg of the 200-yd medley relay with your teammates cheering you on, you can steal first place. Dedication, true passion, experience, service, and teamwork – they’re all important to any leader. As I enter my senior year, I hope to be given the opportunity to help lead Delaware TSA through another successful year!