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If you attended the Leadership Lunch we had a week ago, we hope you had a blast! For those that couldn’t attend, don’t worry! Here is a run-down of something important information if you still want to run for state office:

  • The State Officer Application is available on our website here: The state advisor, Mr. Fitzgerald, must have your application in his hand (either electronically or physically) by February 28th. You can follow the instructions on the first page of the application to submit.
  • You must also submit a one-page essay about why you want to be a State Officer and a professional photo of yourself along with you application. Look at page 7 (labeled 3.6 at the top) of the application for more details.
  • As stated in the application packet, the interview will be in the afternoon on March 22nd. Both you and your advisor must be present at the meeting in Dover at that time.
  • Be sure to look over the sample interview questions on the last page to help you prepare for the interview. It will certainly help prepare you for the interview in March.
  • The packet explains many more things that will help you understand the expectations of both running for office, and being a State Officer.

If you have any other questions about running for office, take it up with your chapter advisor first. They probably know!

If you want to check out some awesome pictures of the attendees during the Leadership Lunch, click here!

The static event due date for the state conference is much closer than it appears, so get working!