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DELAWARE TSA Human Foosball (Five individuals per team; $5 per individual) – A team can be made up of any five individuals who wish to play. All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society (ACS) on behalf of Delaware Technology Student Association (DETSA).

Game Rules

  1. Priority to play is provided to new participants;
  2. all participants must keep hands on the guide rail at all times;
  3. ball must be kept on the court at all times;
  4. one (1) point given to opponents team if ball is kicked off of court;
  5. any kicked ball that strikes an opponent above the knees will award the opponents team one (1) point;
  6. each game will be 5 minutes in duration;
  7. most points earned in 5 minutes will win match; and
  8. a tied game will result in a draw of straws to determine the winner.