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Meilin Morris, an 8th grader at Postlethwait Middle School, has made a big impact on TSA and her community in only one year! She has fallen in love with the creative aspect of Children Stories and Digital Photography. Partaking in these competitions has allowed her to build a strong work ethic, which has translated into her ability to help her community. Outside of TSA, Meilin is a valuable community member through extensive community service projects led by National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and Riders Reaching Out, both of which are organizations based heavily on volunteering. She has spent the majority of time volunteering at her own school and the Charlton School to directly support her school community. Meilin loves TSA’s independent and collaborative events. That way, she can have fun with friends some of the time, and be wholly responsible for her own events other times. She says that there is no better feeling than the “sense of pride in our work when we finish.” Although Meilin is unsure of her career path, she plans to constantly keep learning and volunteering to better herself and her community!