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Past DETSA State President Connor Wagaman (Concord High School) shared “despite having always enjoyed science and math, I once had a strong aversion to technology; I was wary of its potential to waste time – unaware of its power to improve the world. Then, in eighth grade, I joined the PS duPont Technology Student Association. It was amazing! Mr. Singer, our advisor, kept the lab open late, and the atmosphere focused – but fun. In ninth grade, I decided to run for TSA state office. Mr. Singer, with his decades of TSA experience, eagerly offered to aid me with my campaign. I returned to my middle school, where he helped me craft my speech, platform, and campaign materials. I was successfully elected State Treasurer! Mr. Singer has continued to be there when I need him. He would drive me to Dover for our monthly state officer meetings and helped me register for the national conference. As TSA State President this year, I was overjoyed to once again work with Mr. Singer in his post-retirement role as assistant state advisor. In spite of his brusque outward appearance, Mr. Singer is always someone I can ask for help, whatever the topic. But, most importantly, Mr. Singer made me a part of a community of students that shares my dedication to helping others, and reminds me of all a determined group can achieve.” DETSA is proud of Connor and Mr. John Singer for their outstanding contributions and state service. They are both extraordinary individuals. They prove in their actions and deeds to be first rate from the diamond state!