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Dear chartered delegations,

I am writing to you this notice of 2 (two) proposed amendments to the bylaws.  As a reminder, the current bylaws (2008) are here for your review.  In ARTICLE XI. AMENDMENTS, the bylaws share the following procedure:

1. To amend these bylaws, the proposed amendment(s) must be submitted in writing to the President of Delaware TSA at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.

2. The Delaware TSA Executive Committee will review all proposed amendments. All approved amendments will be submitted to the chapter delegates prior to the annual business meeting.

3. The proposed amendment(s) must be approved by two-thirds of the voting delegates present and voting at the annual meeting.

4. Each chartered delegation will be entitled to two votes for their chapter. The Delaware TSA State Advisor will be responsible for notifying in writing the chartered chapter delegations of adopted amendments within sixty (60) days of the annual meeting.

In response to the procedure this notice serves as the notification in writing within sixty (60) days of the annual meeting by the Delaware TSA State Advisor.  The 2 (two) proposed amendments are as follows:

1.     To revise the term of “technology education” to the updated terminology of “technology & engineering education” throughout the bylaws as is supported by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association.

2.     To add into ARTICLE III. MEMBERSHIP AND ORGANIZATION the following language. Section 6. The Advisor for each Chapter is to provide the State TSA Advisor (or appointed representative) with an updated list of chapter officers with contact information by the second Tuesday of October of each school year.