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The Delaware Technology Student Association was recently featured on Delaware Online; you can read the article by clicking on the links included in the summaries below.

Delaware students win big at tech competition The state sent a delegation of 151 middle and high school students to the National Technology Student Association Conference in Washington. Those students competed in 101 individual and 93 team events, ranging from architectural renovation, dragster design and robotics to video game design. “It’s very exciting, because you’re around a lot of people who want to excel. It really pushes you,” said Rebecca Williams, the student president of the state TSA. “I think Delaware did very well. We got first places in a lot of events that are very hard to place in.”

STEM programs show promise for future generations One great way to introduce young people to what STEM is all about is the Technology Student Association. It has chapters at 17 Delaware high schools and middle schools. It gives students a chance to move beyond the classroom and get real hands-on experience with technical problems. Delaware’s TSA students have just returned from competing at the 36th Annual National Technology Student Association Conference in Washington, D.C., and they did quite well. Some 151 Delaware students competed in 101 individual and 93 team events, such as architectural renovation, CAD 3-D, career preparation, dragster design, electrical applications, fashion design, flight endurance, geospatial technology, green manufacturing, inventions and innovations, manufacturing prototype, on-demand video, open source software development, promotional graphics, structural engineering, system control technology, technical design, technology problem-solving, vex robotics, video game design, and website design. Delaware students finished in the top 10 in several events.