Featured Member Abby Diaz

Abby Diaz, a freshman at Charter School of Wilmington, joined TSA as an eighth grader. It was not long before she fell in love with the organization. She quickly transitioned into high school and helped restart her school’s chapter with the help of many of her peers. Now, she serves on her chapter’s fundraising committee by actively planning events for the American Cancer Society. Competing in her favorite events, Promotional Design and Digital Video Production, has allowed her to hone her skills in the visual arts. She has created promotional materials for several fundraising events. Outside of TSA, Abby participates in a myriad of volunteer opportunities to benefit her community, including road clean-ups, the March of Dimes, and the B+ Foundation. Abby dreams of one day becoming an acute care nurse practitioner. After attending numerous seminars and classes revolving around the medical field, she has found that her passion is to help others. Her involvement in restarting her school’s TSA chapter as well as her genuine passion for helping others are both defining qualities that merit her status as a featured member of Delaware TSA.

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On Monday, January 16, the Delaware TSA State Officer team volunteered at the Hagley Museum’s Invention Convention. Along with chapter officers from P.S. duPont Middle School and state officers from SkillsUSA, the state officers helped younger children explore the wonders of video editing and even create (and “patent”) their very own inventions! The kids even had the opportunity to take apart old electronics such as Personal Digital Assistants, cell phones, desktop computers, and printers to see what they look like inside and learn how they work. The state officers helped the students with their inventions and disassembling when necessary and even ran a room that taught about sound in videos. The state officers look forward to volunteering at the Invention Convention again next year.

National TSA has two under-utilized programs for recognizing the achievements of TSA members: the Achievement Award Program and the Technology Honor Society. Although few TSA members apply to these programs, many are qualified.

The Technology Honor Society has requirements in the areas of Academics, Leadership, and Service. Students are inducted at the TSA National Conference, which is being held in Orlando, FL, from June 21-25, 2017.

The Achievement Award Program is level-based, with bronze (chapter-level), silver (state-level), and gold (national-level) awards. Students need to accumulate a set number of points in the categories of Leadership Development, Understanding Technology, School & Community Service, and Career & Personal Planning for each level.

Applications for these programs are due by March 11 if they need to be processed by Delaware TSA. If they need to be processed by other groups, be sure to follow their deadlines. Applications and more information on both of these programs and other recognition opportunities can be found at tsaweb.org/Student-Achievement-Awards.

Canned Food

On November 1 and 2, 2016, members from all Delaware Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) donated more than one ton of food to the Food Bank of Delaware! A big congratulations from the DETSA State Officer team goes out to members of all CTSOs for donating food to this worthwhile cause. Remember to continue to make donations and look for volunteer opportunities to make our community a better place.

State officer applications for the 2017-2018 school year are due by Friday, February 10, 2017. You can find the application on the Delaware TSA website, or you can click here. All of the state officers highly recommend that you apply if you love TSA and feel that you can improve the organization.

If you have any questions about running for state office, feel free to email any of the current State Officers (contact information is located at DETSA.org/contact-us) – they are happy to respond to emails from TSA members, or contact the state advisor, Mr. Fitzgerald.