Mithra Sankar, an eighth-grader at H.B. DuPont Middle School, strives to improves her school, community, and future through various leadership and volunteer roles. She’s been a member of Delaware TSA for the past two years and serves as her chapter’s vice president and chair of the Leadership Committee. Along with her fellow chapter officers, Mithra ensures that all members understand and complete applications for the TSA Achievement Program by maintaining close relationships with her membership. Mithra has been able to develop and refine her problem-solving skills by competing in events like Leadership Strategies and Children’s Stories. She shares that TSA, especially her time at the National Conference, has opened up many opportunities for her to learn and grow as an individual and as a leader. Outside of TSA, Mithra is actively involved in her community by volunteering at several local charities and promoting the success of food drives. Mithra plans to have a career in Human Services to continue to benefit her community.

Join us on February 24th at the John W. Collette Education Resource Center for the annual TSA Winter Leadership Lunch! For more information, ask your advisor to check the email sent out or contact Connor Wagaman at!

Service is a key factor to TSA. To help your chapter be motivated to doing difference service events, we created an infographic on the benefits of volunteering and service. If your chapter is stumped on what they should do, then you can look at the word document on fundraising for the American Cancer Society created by Jaan Nandwani, South Carolina TSA President! Happy volunteering!

Your DETSA State Officers volunteered at Hagley Museum’s Invention Convention on Monday, January 15th! The state officer team helped young children design and create their own “inventions” as well as passing patents for them. The children started to build their very own engineering skills through participating. The state officers also helped teach the children about bugs and insects, and their wonderful impacts on the world around us. The officers had a great time, and look forward to volunteering at the Invention Convention again next year.

Vishnusundar Somasundaram (otherwise known as Vishnu) is a senior at MOT Charter High School who is passionate about making an impact on his community. Outside of the classroom he excels in helping others. Vishnu has dedicated himself to volunteering at a local children’s hospital, where he has accumulated over 200 service hours in the past year! He also participates as a mentor for sophomores around Delaware in a leadership seminar group called HOBY. Vishnu has been part of TSA for 7 years and has held multiple officer roles, including President. His favorite competitions are Maglev and Structural Engineering. Although he loves to compete, Vishnu says his favorite part of TSA is “the integration of science and technology with an increasing emphasis on the community”. In the future, he plans on studying Biomedical Engineering as an undergraduate in hopes of becoming a doctor after completing medical school. Vishnu plans to combine the best of engineering and medicine to positively impact the world.