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Your State Officers are planning several innovative and fun activities for our members during the State Conference. At State Conference we are planning the Delaware TSA Jail and Bail for the American Cancer Society. Be sure to bring donations in order to participate. You may donate to have your friends, frenemies or advisors arrested with the proceeds being used to benefit the American Cancer Society. Souvenir mug shots will be taken, several fun and games may be selected to earn your bail, and all of this is intended to be done in good fun. At the end of the day on April 29, the most offending serial offender may even win a prize!

  • For $3 a TSA bounty hunter will find your friend for a mug shot, fun, and games!
  • For $10 a TSA bounty hunter will find your advisor for a mug shot, fun, and games!

And you get to help play too!  Let’s make this an arresting and fun day!