The 39th annual Delaware Technology Student Association (DETSA) State Conference is planned for April 26-27 with more than 960 students, advisors, and judges representing 37 high schools and middle schools from across the state in more than 65 contests. Media is invited to cover the conference at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington.

Medalists will represent Delaware at the National TSA Conference in Orlando, Florida. Contests to be held will include: architecture, CAD, digital video production, dragster design, engineering design, flight, magnetic levitation vehicles, robotics, rocketry, structural engineering, system control technology, video game design and more. Each TSA event requires students to apply engineering and technology to solve problems and invent solutions.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) dedicated to students interested in engineering and technology. Through TSA, members have the opportunity to participate in technology-focused competitive events, take part in community service work and to become leaders. TSA incorporates curricular and co-curricular experiences to emphasize the importance of knowledge, leadership, skill development, and teamwork.

DELAWARE TSA Human Foosball (Five individuals per team; $5 per individual) – A team can be made up of any five individuals who wish to play. All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society (ACS) on behalf of Delaware Technology Student Association (DETSA).

Game Rules

  1. Priority to play is provided to new participants;
  2. all participants must keep hands on the guide rail at all times;
  3. ball must be kept on the court at all times;
  4. one (1) point given to opponents team if ball is kicked off of court;
  5. any kicked ball that strikes an opponent above the knees will award the opponents team one (1) point;
  6. each game will be 5 minutes in duration;
  7. most points earned in 5 minutes will win match; and
  8. a tied game will result in a draw of straws to determine the winner.
Featured Member Abby Diaz

Abby Diaz, a freshman at Charter School of Wilmington, joined TSA as an eighth grader. It was not long before she fell in love with the organization. She quickly transitioned into high school and helped restart her school’s chapter with the help of many of her peers. Now, she serves on her chapter’s fundraising committee by actively planning events for the American Cancer Society. Competing in her favorite events, Promotional Design and Digital Video Production, has allowed her to hone her skills in the visual arts. She has created promotional materials for several fundraising events. Outside of TSA, Abby participates in a myriad of volunteer opportunities to benefit her community, including road clean-ups, the March of Dimes, and the B+ Foundation. Abby dreams of one day becoming an acute care nurse practitioner. After attending numerous seminars and classes revolving around the medical field, she has found that her passion is to help others. Her involvement in restarting her school’s TSA chapter as well as her genuine passion for helping others are both defining qualities that merit her status as a featured member of Delaware TSA.

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On Monday, January 16, the Delaware TSA State Officer team volunteered at the Hagley Museum’s Invention Convention. Along with chapter officers from P.S. duPont Middle School and state officers from SkillsUSA, the state officers helped younger children explore the wonders of video editing and even create (and “patent”) their very own inventions! The kids even had the opportunity to take apart old electronics such as Personal Digital Assistants, cell phones, desktop computers, and printers to see what they look like inside and learn how they work. The state officers helped the students with their inventions and disassembling when necessary and even ran a room that taught about sound in videos. The state officers look forward to volunteering at the Invention Convention again next year.