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Ten student members from across the state joined current State Officers to learn about leadership opportunities with Delaware TSA.

The Delaware Technology Student Association hosted a Leadership Lunch at the Collette Education Center in Dover, DE from 12 PM – 2 PM on January 7, 2012. Ten student members from several affiliated schools attended to learn more about leadership opportunities within the organization. Students were invited at the annual Leadership Conferences in the Fall and an open invitation was posted on the www.detsa.org website.

During lunch, the State Officer team hosted a human scavenger hunt to allow members to better acquaint themselves with one another and the state officers. After the scavenger hunt, each leader formally introduced themselves _and the duties associated with their position. Copies of the State Officer Application packet were distributed (also located at www.detsa.org/downloads) and reviewed. Members were reminded that the packet is due no later than March 9, 2012 at 4 PM.

After screening State Officer candidate packets, students who pass will be granted an interview. Students at the Leadership Lunch participated in mock interviews. This helped the students to feel more comfortable with the interview process, should they decide to run for a 2012-2013 term as a State Officer. The current State Officers then opened the floor for questions, sharing their experiences and the rewards that their position offers.

The attendees discussed why they wanted to run for a state office position. Some of the responses included becoming a better public speaker, becoming more motivated towards an organization that they love, gaining additional leadership experience and spreading TSA’s popularity.

Students were given information on national TSA award and recognition programs. Some of these awards included the TSA achievement awards, the Technology Honor Society and the Chapter Excellence award. More information on earning these awards can be found on the Delaware TSA website on the Information page.

Any additional questions can be sent to Steven Vanderloo at svanderloodetsa@live.com.

5. Attend all meetings – Attending all chapter meetings is an important part of being a member. You learn vital information and get to interact with your peers and teammates. Therefore, it’s essential that each member attempt to attend all meetings this upcoming year.

4. Raise money –Without funds, attending states and especially nationals is difficult, if not impossible. If each member puts forth their best efforts in fundraising, then money becomes available and the chapter can provide for registration fees. Raising money for the chapter is then an important part of being an active and helpful chapter member.

3. Work with teams – Since so many TSA events are team-based, cooperation with team members is absolutely essential. Make sure to inform all team members of meeting dates and assign each member a specific task. Because remember, people support what they help to create; success is impossible without a coherent team.

2. Finish events – Of course, to compete, the events must be finished. Let’s just try to get some sleep right before states, okay?

1. Take home a trophy – The ultimate prize. The ultimate wish. If you work hard at your events, finish them on time and edit them thoroughly. If you put forth effort, you will surely be rewarded.

Are you a leader in your TSA Chapter?

The State Officers have planned a “Leadership Lunch” on January 7 from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM in the Collette Education Center (35 Commerce Way. Dover, DE 19904). We will be providing information regarding running for State Officer as well as providing lunch to all in attendance. The cost is free, but RSVP information is due ASAP.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by December 16 no later than December 21st to Ms. Hilda Davis at hdavis@doe.k12.de.us. This is your last chance to sign up for this awesome experience and we hope to see you there!

Please be sure to include your name, grade and school in the RSVP. A copy of these forms should be faxed to DOE (fax: 302-739-178) or brought with you on January 7th in order to attend:

We hope to see you there!

Bridgette Spritz, Delaware TSA President & Pratyusha Gupta, National TSA President

Are you a leader in your TSA chapter?

The State Officers have planned a ‘Leadership Lunch’ on January 7 from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM in the Collette Education Center (35 Commerce Way. Dover, DE 19904). Lunch will be provided. The officers will detail some of their duties, provide a question and answer session, ask mock interview questions, and be available for any questions you may have. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by December 16 to Ms. Hilda Davis at hdavis@doe.k12.de.us.

We hope to see you there!