What an exciting and eventful State Conference it has been! Check the photo gallery that is now live to view pictures from the conference. Special thanks to Jen Marshall, Quan Bui, Sam Ellis, Mike Fitzgerald, James Williams, Steven Vanderloo and Pratyusha Gupta for the photos!

On behalf of the Delaware TSA State Officer and Management Team, we hope you enjoyed this past year with Delaware TSA and had a great time at the conference! We are looking forward to the National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee and the upcoming year!

The 2012 Delaware Technology Student Association (TSA) State Conference was held at the State Fairgrounds in Harrington, DE on April 26-27. Over 500 students and advisors from 30 chapters all over Delaware were in attendance this year! The registration for this year’s state conference was at an all-time high. With 6 new schools attending, and more than 900 entries in all the competitive events, the 2012 Delaware TSA State Conference was a huge success!

The Technology Student Association is a career and technical student organization (CTSO) dedicated to students interested in the invention and innovation of technology. Through TSA, members have the opportunity to participate in a vast amount of technology-focused competitive events, take part in community service work, and become leaders for the organization in their school, state, and nation. TSA expands on the curriculum of technology education classes and emphasizes the importance of knowledge, leadership, and teamwork.

Students from across the state competed with each other in events such as CAD, Digital Video Production, Engineering Design, Flight, Inventions and Innovations, Magnetic Levitation Vehicles, Rocketry, Structural Engineering, System Control Technology, Technological Problem Solving and more. Each TSA competitive event requires students to apply technology, solve technical problems, conduct research, and invent solutions. A list of all event finalists can be found here.

Additionally, Sussex Central High School was recognized for their outstanding spirit and was honored with the 2012 Chapter Spirit Award.

In the midst of the competition, those in attendance also had the chance to meet with others from many different schools, including the eleven candidates that ran for the 2012 – 2013 Delaware TSA State Officer Team. With an increase in the amount of members and candidates, this year’s candidates worked especially hard during the campaign and election process. The voting delegates selected the team of officers to serve Delaware TSA for the next year.  The following members were elected to serve as State Officers for 2012-2013:

President – Davey McGinnis, from Mount Pleasant High School
Vice President – Michael Krueger, from Concord High School
Secretary – Emily Wong, from Concord High School
Treasurer – Rebecca Williams, from Mount Pleasant High School
Reporter – Quan Bui, from Concord High School
Sergeant-at-Arms – Jordan Siskin, from Mount Pleasant High School

TSA members also contributed an astounding amount of effort to the American Cancer Society (ACS). A mini Relay for Life was held at the conference, and many students wrote cards for cancer patients. By the end of the conference, we were able to send 130 cards! Prior to the conference, TSA chapters across Delaware also collected contributions for ACS. Concord High School raised the most money, contributing $552, and overall, Delaware TSA raised $1,500!

Members of Delaware TSA are excited for this year’s 34th Annual National TSA Conference hosted by Tennessee TSA in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Resort! Those attending the National Conference will have the opportunity to compete nationally, meet people from all over the country and even other countries, participate with the American Cancer Society with National TSA, and vote for the next National Officer Team!

Davey McGinnis


Davey McGinnis

I am pursuing the office of President because I have learned much in the past two years serving as an officer. I want to apply my knowledge and leadership for all. I want to serve you in making Delaware TSA great.

Vice President

Michael KruegerMichael Krueger

I am running to represent you, and be your Delaware TSA Vice President! Currently, I am Concord High School’s TSA President and I want to run for the State Vice President position because I would really like to become more involved on the State Level.


Ryan Tocker

I want to run for Secretary because I believe the experience will help me continue to develop the leadership skills I have gained in my JROTC. I look forward to the opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships. I want to make Delaware TSA the best in the nation.

Emily WongEmily Wong

I’m a sophomore at Concord High School and I’ve been a member of TSA for 4 years. I’ve served on the state officer team before, but I am currently running for the office of DETSA secretary. I also play tennis, the flute, and am a member of National Honor Society.

TreasurerMichael Canning

Michael Canning

I am an honor student, and have the knowledge and experience to get almost any task given to me completed. If elected I will make sure that DETSA continues to be the great organization that it is and will strive to make it even better.

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

I am running for the position of treasurer because I want to become more involved in TSA and have more of an impact on what goes on in this organization. I will be a diligent and hardworking officer so everyone can get the best experience from TSA like I have.

Quan Bui


Quan Bui

I want to maintain the tradition and legacy of Delaware TSA and its great leaders, but also introduce new ways of improving our organization. Promoting technological literacy, increasing charity involvement, and improving communication are all important. If elected, I will see that these all be accomplished.

Ashley Gold

Hello DETSA! I’m seeking this office because since I joined TSA, it’s been a goal of mine to help and work with the members. If elected, I hope to make TSA an even better experience for everyone.Bob DiNunno


Bob DiNunno

I’m running for the position of Sergeant-at-Arms because I strongly believe that I have much to offer to the DETSA officer team.  My social atmosphere and my ability to take initiative would help my team function more efficiently, feel more comfortable during meetings and create a sense of order.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

I’m running for Sergeant-At-Arms at the state level because I believe I have a lot to offer DETSA and I have many fresh ideas on how members gain information and how we can help the community out. Traits include me being a leader, personable, charismatic, and being well rounded.

Jordan SiskinJordan Siskin

I am running for the 2012-2013 Sergeant-At-Arms position. I am extremely excited for this opportunity. I am very passionate about TSA. To me, TSA is more than an extracurricular activity. If elected, I will bring this passion to the State Officer Team.

Our State Conference is quickly approaching with less than a week left. Delaware TSA will be hosting a Relay for Life during the conference and we need your help to make it successful. Caesar Rodney is currently in the lead for collecting donations. They’ve already raised nearly $300!

Be sure to ask teachers, parents, neighbors and friends to donate. You might be surprised at who will say yes!

If your chapter has done some planning already, you might be able to host a bake sale during lunch and donate the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Whatever it may be, make sure that you start fundraising! This weekend would be a great time to contact your relatives and neighbors.

The chapter that raises the most money for our Delaware TSA Relay for Life will be able to throw a pie at Davey McGinnis at the conclusion of the State Conference. What more motivation do you need?

As always, we would also like to remind everyone to put the finishing touches on your events and prepare for the 2012 State Conference. If you have any questions about the State Conference, be sure to check out our conference page!

Donate to our Relay For Life Event here!

Each year the various chapters in the Delaware TSA participate in numerous activities on the local, state, and national levels. The spirit award is given as encouragement for students to show their spirit and enthusiasm for their school TSA chapter through their participation in Competitive Events.

 Past Recipients

  • Chipman Middle School 2000
  • Springer Middle School 2001
  • Hanby Middle School 2002
  • Postlethwait Middle School 2003
  • Postlethwait Middle School 2004
  • Cape Henlopen High School 2005
  • Postlethwait Middle School 2006
  • Mount Pleasant High School 2007
  • Mount Pleasant High School 2008
  • Hanby Middle School 2009
  • Lake Forest High School 2010
  • Concord High School 2011
  • To Be Announced 2012