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2020-21 Officer Candidates


Divita Taduvayi
Hello Delaware TSA! My name is Divita Taduvayi, your current State President, and I am excited to be seeking reelection to the 2020-2021 State Officer Team! I am currently a junior at MOT Charter High School, and this is my 6th year being part of the TSA community. Some of my favorite events include Technology Problem Solving, Debating Technological Issues, Chapter Team, and Prepared Presentation. Outside of TSA, I participate in the National Honor Society, the Delaware Youth Leadership Network, Science Olympiad, swimming, and more. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish and would love the opportunity to serve and improve Delaware TSA this upcoming year!

Aniketh Avula
Hello Delaware TSA! My name is Aniketh Avula, your current state Reporter, and I am excited to be running again this year to be a state officer for the upcoming 2020-21 year! I am running again because I believe that I have played a strong role in the success of our team this year and I would love to be given another chance to do so again this coming year. State Office has helped me learn and develop my skills as a leader and I feel obliged to say that it has truly made me the person I am today. If I am to get elected again to serve on this next coming year’s team, I assure you I will, to the best of my ability, work towards making DETSA a better experience for ALL members, just as I had worked so hard in doing so this past year. In terms of my experience, this coming year will be my seventh year as a member of TSA! Along with this, I have served many different roles as a Chapter Officer throughout middle school and starting through high school, and of course as the State Reporter this past year. My major goal is simple and similar to last year: Work to provide a better TSA experience for ALL DETSA members and make ALL TSA related activities both an enjoyable and valuable experience. With valuable learning experience and accomplishments made through the planning for this year’s state conference, I believe I have the skillset and determination to accomplish my goal if I were to be elected again. Thank you!

Puiyee Kong
Hello Delaware TSA! My name is Puiyee Kong, and I am running to be a 2020-2021 State Officer. I want to serve another year as State Officer because through last year’s experience, I feel that I have become a better leader, but I’ve also made many new friends and have gotten closer to members throughout the state. I have served as a Chapter Officer since 7th grade, and as the 2019-2020 State Sergeant-at-Arms. I also placed top 4 nationally in three of my four events last year.  I will take these experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained, and apply it to my new role, should I be elected. A big part of my campaign is having more communication between the State Officers and the DETSA members, as well as increasing STEM awareness at the elementary school level to prepare younger students for TSA early on. By visiting a local elementary school and integrating a coding mini-lesson into students’ classes, I have already taken the first step in making our community even more united than we already are. This past year as State Sergeant-at-Arms has been so memorable and eye-opening, and I hope to repeat the same experience next year. Thank you, and good luck to everybody competing!

Jakub Gul
“Hello Delaware TSA my name is Jakub Gul and I am currently a Sophomore at Newark Charter School. I am running for TSA state office because I want to help simplify the communication that occurs within TSA on both the chapter and state level. I want to help you, my fellow members, become the next generation of Technological leaders and innovators.”
Raina Lakhani Hello, Delaware TSA! My name is Raina Lakhani, and I am excited to be running for a position on the 2020-2021 State TSA Officer Team! I am currently in eighth grade at Postlethwait Middle School and have served as Sergeant-At-Arms and President in my chapter. I have been in TSA since seventh grade, and my favorite events are Children’s Stories and STEM Animation. Outside of TSA, I participate in Math League, NJHS, and taekwondo. I am honored to be given this opportunity and cannot wait to see what great things this year has in store for us!
Penn SmithHello Delaware TSA! My name is Penn Smith and I am extremely excited to be running for Delaware TSA state office. I am currently a junior attending Sussex Central High School and have been a member of TSA since my freshman year. Some of my favorite activities outside of TSA include math league, marching band, and cross country. I would be ecstatic to be elected as a state officer in order to give back to the organization that has helped me grow into the person I am today.
Samra IqbalHello Delaware TSA! My name is Samra Iqbal and I am from Caesar Rodney High School. As a State Officer, I want to help other students find their passion in TSA. My goal is to guide students to have that moment when they realize TSA is a place for everyone, where they can fail, learn, try again, and ultimately succeed. With the experience I have had, I want to leave a meaningful impact on others by giving them chances to have the same opportunities and helping them find their passion in TSA. Through my past experiences supporting other organizations, I hope to work with this team to raise money for The American Cancer Society. I want to help spread the word about TSA to kids all over Delaware by finding ways to introduce this organization to them while they are young. With the experiences and opportunities I was fortunate enough to have, I believe, as a State Officer, I can help others find their passion in STEM as well.
Sanjana MedisettyI am a current freshman at Newark Charter School and I have been a part of TSA for two years.
I love participating in events such as Fashion Design Technology and Debating on
Technological Issues. Other activities I am a part of include my school’ s track and field team
and Model UN. I am very excited to see what this year brings for our state’s TSA team!