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2022 State Leadership Conference Reminder

Attention DETSA! The 2022 DETSA State Conference begins tomorrow, from 4pm-8pm. Please check your email and/or with your Chapter Advisor for the breakdown of the schedule. We will have State Officer-led activities, a Q&A session with an Alumni Panel, and amazing workshop topics by Grand Canyon University that we have organized for you! Before the conference begins, make sure you have stable internet as the event will be held via Zoom. The link to attend Read more…

March Business Meeting

Attention DETSA! It is almost time for our next business meeting on Monday, March 28! RSVP today using the link in our Instagram bio. We would love to see you there! If you want to get some of the inside scoop on the upcoming state conference or hope to see more about the behind-the-scenes of Delaware TSA, make sure to attend!

DETSA Movie Night

Attention Delaware TSA! Please join us for our Movie Night on March 25th, at 6PM to get hyped up for the upcoming State Conference! The link to signup is right here. We will be deciding what movie to watch at the start of the session, so feel free to leave suggestions in the signup form! We hope to see you there!